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Born in London, I was brought up in a small town in Tuscany (Italy) where I became infatuated with photography at the age of 9.


I lived in Florence during my academic career where I developed my passion for geometry, architecture and practiced architectural photography.


In 2005 I moved back to London where I work as an architect. In 2009 I started D-code photography ( as a project for recording and sharing my process of detecting, reading and interpreting the random visual input of the unconscious perception.


I research the locations for my photos mainly through architectural and art publications. This preliminary structured approach is then abandoned during the shooting sessions which become an unplanned visual recording of my eye’s wanderings on buildings, nature, space, colours and forms. These raw images are then buried in my photographic archive until I find a way to reconnect them and establish a meaningful visual CONTINUUM.

Paolo Boccacci


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